50ReasonsToHateTheFrench.co.uk - Humorous book on France and French history, by Jules Eden & Alex Clarke

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About the Authors

Jules Eden

Jules Eden has been a columnist for the Guardian and Independent on Sunday newspapers and for the past four years he has hosted his own show on London's biggest radio station, LBC. He appears regularly on ITV's morning chat shows, and for three years, he has co-hosted a cable TV discussion programme.

His day job is as a doctor of medicine, and he set up the world's first on-line surgery. He divides his time between homes in France and the U.K.

Alex Clarke

Alex Clarke is one of the busiest copywriters in London marketing. His work covers everything from bank websites to car brochures to presentations for Fortune 500 CEOs. For a time he specialized in speeches, writing for clients ranging from British prime ministers to Japanese vending machines.

He writes for a number of periodicals, including the Evening Standard and the Literary Review. He rarely leaves London.

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