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ASTERIX VS. RONALD MCDONALD - José Bové Trashes American food

How one middle-aged hippy beat the French army, trained in a Libyan terrorist camp, trashed a McDonald's - and became a national hero.

CUTTING THE CHEESE - The Favourite Nibble of the Surrender Monkeys

France boasts of having a cheese for every day of the year. Even Frenchmen sometimes wonder why this is a boast: "How can one be expected to govern a country with 246 cheeses?", General de Gaulle once moaned.

THE DUCK STOPS HERE - Arnold Schwarzenegger tells the French to Get Stuffed

Foie gras has been called the "emblem of French national cuisine". Produced by methods close to torture and fiercely protected by the government, foie gras production is ruffling the feathers of France's neighbours.

TOO MANY COOKS - A Guided Tour to French Cuisine

In France, cuisine has been elevated almost to religious status - and its bible is the Michelin Red Guide. But is that religion now dying? And is its bible the gospel truth?

SPITTING IN THE SOUP - Seven Truths About French Wine

French wine has a special status - but not perhaps for the reasons the French think. We look at the legends of French viticulture and uncover the truths behind them, including systematic fraud and chronic alcoholism.

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