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"FIRST country I have found where people have devalued my qualifications, scorned my friendliness,will not let me work, will not even smile when I pick up my daughters at school every morning. "

Thanks Mark! At least I'm not alone. In the 10 years here, no matter what I have done to integrate, it's never enough. I have not be financially assisted, have studied, paid my taxes, learnt the language, smiled genuinely and have never asked for anything in return. I have been criticised and looked down upon even when I have done volunteer work! My qualifications, degree, experience - are met with "Bof!" It's always criticism, pessimism (an employer even said if I shouldn't do the job it doesn't pay well!) or SILENCE. I don't force the friendships but they ARE incredibly hard to form. My French husband realized this when we went to Australia.



Isa - September 13th 2013

International weekend: a punter's benefit: Spain to beat Finland? Tick. Germany to beat Austria? Tick. Belgium to beat Scotland? Tick. Portugal to beat Norn Iron? Tick. Sweden to beat Ireland. Tick. Italy to beat Bulgaria? Tick. Kazakhstan to beat Faroe Islands? Tick. England to beat Moldova? Tick. Cameroon to beat Libya? Tick. Togo to beat DR Congo. A big accumulator worth £300+ and easy money! France to beat Georgia? Nope. Thanks France! Surrender monkeys

Barry Glendenning - September 9th 2013

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