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50 Reasons to Hate the French

You always knew it was true but you couldn't be sure.

You always guessed it was something like this but never dared ask.

Now, for the first time ever, you can read the truth about our friends and cousins across the Channel, the French.

There's never been a book like it before. Fifty exhaustively researched, wittily written articles on France and Frenchness. It's all in here, from personal hygiene to French pop to Napoleon's shortcomings to Europe's tallest suicide magnet, the Eiffel Tower.

Want to know France's ten greatest military defeats? They're listed inside.

Want to know just how safe the Citroen 2CV is?


Want to understand how Jean Paul Sartre used existentialism to prove that bathing was unnecessary?


And every fact, quote and statistic inside it is absolutely true - or at least we found it somewhere relatively trustworthy.

Judge for yourself.

"50 REASONS TO HATE THE FRENCH" is everything you'll ever need to know - and be appalled to learn - about France.


What the critics are saying

Anti-American, anti-semitic, anti-modern world, and anti-hygiene - here are 50 reasons never to be in awe of the French again. Brilliant, forensic, it had to be done.

Peter York, The Independent on Sunday - July 14th 2006

As a congenital Francophile, weaned from my cradle on the great cheeses of Normandy and the rich clarets of the Medoc; as someone for whom the glories of French culture, fashion and landscape have provided the keenest sensations of adolescence; and as a grown man whose every bodily fibre has, at times, fallen prostrate in worship before the altars of all French peoples, places and things, I am greatly encouraged by the publication of this book. Eden and Clarke's inspired new gospel (which I read on a flight to Damascus) has cleared my head of all those erring passions and revealed to me the true darkness lurking behind all that fake accordion music and garlic. So verily, verily say I now unto you, the French are a vicious, absurd and inadequate people and I very much hope that this super book of proofs to that effect will succeed in one day drubbing their whole abominable nation right off the face of our lovely planet!

Alexander Waugh - July 10th 2006

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