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THE TOWER OF PSYCHOBABBLE - The Point of the Eiffel Tower

Expensive toy, suicide magnet and spy base, few national monuments say more about France than la Tour d'Eiffel.

MUSIC WITH MENACES - France's Blood-Curdling Signature Tune

Almost every French government since the revolution has hated its national anthem. Booed at French cup finals, mangled by Serge Gainsbourg and beloved by French racists, just what is wrong with La Marseillaise?


The French are stylish, urbane and sophisticated, their country is the home of haute couture and the laboratory of famous perfumes. So why are they held in such bad odour around the world?

SADE BUT TRUE - Whipping France's Intellectuals Into A Frenzy

How France managed to turn the violent, boring, sexually bizarre Marquis de Sade into a hero.

THE WAY TO RUSTY DEATH - The 2CV and French Drivers

Why is the unsafe, unreliable and environmentally unfriendly Citroën 2CV held in such esteem by the French? Is it because they are such bad drivers they are not qualified to notice?

BAD FAITH: Why Hell Is Jean-Paul Sartre

France loves its intellectuals, and the more argumentative, outrageous and absurd the better - and the archetype of them all was Jean-Paul Sartre.

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