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THE PAIN IN THE NECK - De Gaulle and the Strategy of Ingratitude

General de Gaulle saved France, or so he often said. But who saved de Gaulle and why did he repay them with spite, obstinacy and ultimately betrayal?

THE LITTLE CORPORAL - The Man Who Invented The Napoleon Complex

The greatest Frenchman ever, proclaim French opinion polls. We take a look at Napoelon Bonaparte, the man and his shortcomings.

SECRETS OF THE SPHINX: The Sordid Life of François Mitterrand

One man represents the spirit and reality of modern France - two-time president, François Mitterrand, still revered today as statesman, author and resistance fighter. Was he also a crook, fraud, spy, collaborator and murderer?

SENATOR-FOR-LIFE - Chirac's Get Out of Jail Free Card

The moment Jacques Chirac leaves office as President of France, he also leaves behind its immunities to civil and criminal prosecution. But one group of his supporters are lobbying to change the constitution to put their champion beyond the reach of the law forever.

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