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MEAN TIME - France Is Retarded By Nine Minutes And Twenty One Seconds

"Time has a different meaning here. It certainly doesn't mean money", said one U.S. executive doing business in France. So, why are the French so unpunctual?

THE DEVIL'S OWN COWPAT - The Curse of the Beret

As a hat, the beret is functionally useless. Why did it become such a fashion statement at home and abroad - and why has it proved more destructive than W.M.D.s to the United States?

THE DIRTY DOGS - The French and their Dogs

The French are generally believed to hate everything, even themselves. So why do they love their dogs so much? Though not enough, admittedly, to clean up after them.

NOT TONIGHT JOSEPHINE - Are The French Just Not Sexy Anymore?

50% of the French do not associate sex with "pleasure". Just how do they really perform against their reputation for bed-hopping sexiness - or is it a case of all mouth and no trousers?

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