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THE PERMANENT WAR - Highlights of an Anti-American Chronology

France is one of the United States' closest allies - on paper. In truth, over nearly a quarter of a millennium, France's relations with the United States have been characterised by a persistent hostility towards the country it considers its political, economic and cultural rival.

THE SMELL OF VICTORY - Did you mean French military defeats?

On Bastille Day, every 14 July, tanks thunder down the Champs Elysées while jet fighters roar in formation overhead. But as the French commemorate their spectacular military history, have they forgotten some equally spectacular fiascos?

THE INDOCHINA SYNDROME - Imperial Meltdown at Dien Bien Phu

How French bungling of a forgotten battle in a far-away war shaped international politics for half a century and destabilised south-east Asia.

THE HORRIFYING FRAUD - Why The French Think the U.S. Was Behind 9/11

A new urban legend is sweeping France: that the U.S. itself organised the attacks of September 11. One man has become rich and famous by pandering to France's national paranoia - Thierry Meyssan.

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