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FRENCH CHARM - The world-beating rudeness of the French

The crassness of the French is as world-famous as their cheeses - and as offensive. A deserved reputation? It would be rude not to look further.

OLD WELLS OF HATRED - Anti-Semitism in France

France is home to the largest Jewish population in Europe. Just how welcome does it make them feel?

THE FORBIDDEN SCARF - The Blazing Riots of 2005

In 2005, 28,000 vehicles were burned in riots that spread across fifty French cities as the country's aggrieved minorities rioted. How much of this was due to a ban on, of all things, a headscarf?

PERFIDIOUS ALBION NON PLUS - France Faces Facts About Its Neighbour

For a thousand years of history, the French have hated the British. But now, as the world enters the twenty-first century, is France throwing in the towel on its age-old rivalry?

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