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PARIS WHEN IT SIZZLES - The 2003 Heatwave and France's State Health Service

France is proud of its social pact, a combination of state intervention from above and the proudly vaunted idea of the French family from below. So why did so many of the poor, the sick and the elderly die in August 2003?

FRENCH WOMEN DON'T GET FAT - No, They're Addicted, Anorexic and Anxious.

Some European and U.S. women are convinced that their French counterparts are naturally slimmer than they are. The French put it down to their "appreciation of food". But from other perspectives, that explanation is very thin indeed.

WHO NEEDS ENEMAS? - Why The French Are The World's Largest "Consumers" of Suppositories

According to European medical lore, the English and the Dutch prefer to take their medication in pill form, the Germans go for an injection and the French, it seems, like to shove it up their butts

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