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Would a book called '50 reasons to hate the British' sell in France? Probably not because the French can't be bothered to care about that sad little island populated with obese binge-drinking foul-mouthed chavs.

Like all professional British 'eccentrics', the authors are tedious bores who, under the guise of 'humour', reveal themselves to be pathetic little Englanders.

I just wish the UK could be cast off the coast of Europe and sunken in the North Atlantic. That would be good riddance for the rest of mankind.

[Moderator's comment: The authors are always pleased to receive tips on humour from grand masters of the art such as 'albion'.]

albion - August 5th 2009

The French contributed a great deal to help our Country become the U.S.- they gave Benjamin Franklin 17 million for our revolution against the British empire. They also gave us Lafayette who helped us win same. I think this kind of book is devisive, and if the US wants to focus their energy and attention on the real powers-that-be that are the enemy of our great Nation- they should look at the British Empire.

A Proud American who so much appreciates the French, and for the record- is of English ancestory, and not French- God Bless America and Viva La France!

Kathleen Lynch - May 1st 2008

The French contributed a great deal to help our Country become the U.S.- they gave Benjamin Franklin 17 million for our revolution against the British empire. They also gave us Lafayette who helped us win same. I think this kind of book is devisive, and if the US wants to focus their energy and attention on the real powers-that-be that are the enemy of our great Nation- they should look at the British Empire.

A Proud American who so much appreciates the French, and for the record- is of English ancestory, and not French- God Bless America and Viva La France!

Kathleen Lynch - May 1st 2008

What's next ?

50 reasons to hate the jews ?

thecajuncutthroat - November 19th 2007

France, what a beautiful country. It's a place where people have a sense of identity and are proud to be French. They are allowed to express this in everyday life.

Anyone who wants to learn more about them should get themselves French TV at home.

Jason - October 25th 2007

I am French and British, I love both countries although they are very different.

I must say i found the extracts published on the Daily Telegraph's website rather apalling and clearly outdated, with dubvious statistics. And it is not even interesting or funny!

Clever managing though, you probably managed your principal aim with this book: getting noticed (at least) on both sides of the Channel and making money.

Ludicrous - October 18th 2007

oooh thats cute,all english and yankees f**ktard doing an orgy on another anti-french website. Just try to do war with us it's just french guys like me want to. vive la france!

[Moderator's comment: I promise not to try to do war with you. Or try to do talk with you either.]

islander twat - June 29th 2007

Let's face it. When you start knocking what you don't take the time to look into - it's violence in poor disguise. The opposite being taking things on board equally without really checking - which is non-violence in good disguise. Because violence and self protection are our constant experience threshold-markers. Nietzsche, whose body was submitted to chronic violent ill-health, spent his life criticising the Germans. Rousseau who just about did more than anyone to form the French collective psyche was a fundamentally non-violent person whose paranoia left him in constant solitude and some might say self imposed misery. The British have basically always just 'got on with things'. Germans and French have always been the dreamers the romantics and the thinkers on a person to person and a people to people level. In “getting on with things” the British perhaps never severed monarchs' heads but they swallowed social class fatalism and are still doing so to this very day. Genuine perceived and substantive differences between you are your neighbour are infinitely greater in Britain than in France. Rousseau indirectly has made speech freer for the French. Accents are merely anecdotal and regional, not class weighted. Communication in all forms has a realer cultural resonance than say, the British

passion of needing pin-point an accent to know more about his school and forbears and hence respectability or frequent ability. British culture today is still 'getting on with it'. More money, greater freedom on opening hours, cheaper sun and sex holidays, more and more leaving in droves to places like Australia and France. More and more getting on with it. But what is the IT. Pragmatism is really the English trump-card. The wasp Americans developed it from their own revolution in 1776. Remember that? Jefferson's had read his Rousseau! Pragmatism helps you get on, manage, construct develop and even survive. But towards what? Jean Jacques had already asked himself that question. Nietzsche too in his way. I don't think Bushes one and two unfortunately have ever done so. The danger of American society today is it's ethnocentrism. Only being able to perceive the world in it's own image. Dynasties and Empires whom one could almost excuse today because of lack of communication, died violent or natural deaths. There no excuse for today's top teams not letting the information filter upwards as well as downwards. Holding on at all costs leads us to knock things we haven't taken the time to look into, ecology, north/west divide, etc. But that's where we came in. Vive la Franchise!!! Quelque soit sa patrie! Roughly translated:

Long Live Straight talking!!! No matter what one's homeland might be!!

keith - January 26th 2007

Quite funny but not enough, I m little bit desappointed, the French are funnier than you said. Try again with british humour !

frog - November 16th 2006

Hi everybody!

The only thing I wanna say is that war or hate between people has always been a good reason to make money for some people.

As a citizen of the World more than a american or a french or whatever, I would tell you to stop buying this book, "go back to school" and learn about your neighour.

Life is too short to be wasted by making war and saying bullshits!

To whom it concerns...


Emilien - October 20th 2006

Is there an equivalent site for the US? Please guide me to it, I have a lot to contribute.

As a non-French, non-anglo currently living in the US and desperately seeking the way out, I can say that the "anglo towards franco" hatred is way more rabid than the "franco towards anglo" one. I wonder why. Maybe because of the inherent "grossness" and "crudeness" of the anglo mind, not sure.

I have lived in the US for 8 years and there's not one day passing by without wondering "how can supposedly evolved humans live like this"?

If there are only 50 reasons to hate the French, France is a pretty good place to head to in my book.

I've got about 1 million for the Americans. And I am for real.

50 is not bad - October 3rd 2006


1. In the war of 1812 Canada was not a nation, but a British possesion. Canada was not a nation until 1867. Concerning the U.S. campaign into Quebec, it was British regulars who pushed back the Americans and the Americans won the war of 1812.

2. Butt kicking:

a. Gauls vs Romans: Caesar wins

b. Moscow Retreat: Napoleon loses, Russians win. This was the eventual downward spiral to Waterloo. Long may the Duke of Wellington be remembered as well as Marshall Blucher.

c. Franco Prussian war: Bismark wins, Mapoleon III loses.

d. WW 1: Stalemate: Brits, Amercans and Canadians save your sorry unwashed ...!

e. Hitler occupies the Ruhr Valley: Cowardly French forces retreat in the presence of German bayonets. Hey guys you could have won that one and changed the course of history!

f: WW 2 France loses, in one month, from May to June of 1940! Brits, Canadians and Americans save your unwashed ... beginning in 6 June 1944. It is sad such blood was wasted for an ungreatful people. Perhaps the next time the Germans take Paris, we should let them have it! Not to worry Schroeder is a Francophone wanabee and the Grand Coalition is sure to collapse.

g. French Indo China war: French vs Ho Chi Minh: Viet Minh wins, Foreign Legion Parachute Regiment's blood wasted at Dien Bien Phu.

h. 1956 Suez Crisis: French forces win one, but this is a hollow victory because British and Israeli forces had your back. The reverse can not be said from an Israeli or British point of view. Nassar loses, Eden out of office.

i: Algerian Crisis: France loses this one again because of an inept and cowardly government. Legonaires try to overthrow it later on. It is a pitty they did not do it as with the destruction of the Paris Commune.

2. French military victories:

a. The Big one: Joan of Arc thwarts Brits at Orleans. France's most competant military leader was a women and burned at the stake for her efforts.

b. French forces currently raping the Ivory Coast and commandos great victory is blowing up the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior.

3. Cinqo de Mayo and I will drink to it. Mexican forces defeat Legionaires at the Battle of Puebla. Maximillion eventually gets the firing squad. One poor Habsburg bought it because France had his back!

4. Conclusion for the chef who has no knowledge of butt kicking history: Pax Britania, Pax America and Viva de Mexico and especially Deutschland Uber Alies!

Theo - September 29th 2006


1. America didn't lose the Vietnam war. The South Vietnmise did. Congress pulled the plug on it by cutting the funding and we could no longer help prop up the South Vietnamise government. We wouldn't have had this problem if the French didn't waste good Legionaires by parchuting them into a valley called: "Diem Bien Phu". Only the French would be stupid enough to drop parachute regiments, in a valley, surrounded on all sides by artillery. Good move guys!

2. America didn't lose the war of 1812. The campaign into Quebec City was thwarted by British forces. Canada, at that time, was a British possesion, until it was established, as a confedertion, in 1867. Secondly, it was not Canadian forces that attacked Baltimore or burned the Whitehouse. It was British regulars. The British goal was to take these two areas and drive a wedge between the New England States and the South. It failed.

3. Typical French Military competance would be:

A. Napolian's retreat from Moscow and his eventual loss at Waterloo.

B. The loss of the Franco Prussian War.

C. Defeat at the Battle of Puebla, Mexico

D. Stalemate in WW1.

E. A fast defeat, at the hand of German forces in June of 1940, in WW2.

F. Loss of French Indo China, in 1954.

G. The Algerian Crisis.

H. May the memories of The Duke of Wellington, Marshall Blucher, Otto Von Bismark, Mexican Nationalists, Paul Von Hinderburg, Gen Rommel, Gen Monstien, Vichey, and Ho Chi Minh, enlighten you as to the folly of French military doctrine.

4. The French military would not be totally without it's. As a result, of the overall stench because of a lack of refusing to bathe, they could be more effective than any bio/chemical weaapon devised by mankind. Even MOPP 4 wouldn't protect one against this lot.

5. Conclusion: it is unfortunate The Foreign Legion was not was not as succesfull in overthrowing DeGaulle, as they were at putting down the Commune. History would have written a more glorious chaptor for your nation, as being one of competance and not defeat! The thing that makes America a great nation is the fact that England was the mother country and NOT FRANCE!


Theo - September 22nd 2006

I can't believe that in a world of so much hatred and violence anyone would write a book so rude. I can see trying to get some laughs, but picking on a whole culture that has been around for centuries is low and id doing nothing to better the world and bring everyone together.I've been to France and found no one rude or hateful there, yes, even in Paris. So for all of you that think this is so funny, why don't we try to get peace on earth before we try making more unrest.

[Moderator's comment: I think Peace on Earth would be a lot easier to achieve if we all had a sense of humour.]

Rachel - September 10th 2006

This site is so funny from a french point of view !

One more time, it proves that nothing is more pleasant to brits than bashing the frenchies, most of the time for bad reasons.

One thing strikes me : one of the authors shares his time between UK and France (what the hell does he find so pleasurable spending time in a country he so obviously hates ?), and the other one "rarely leaves London". At least this is logical, but how comes he knows so well France and its defects ?

I suspect the authors have spent too much time surfing the web searching for ridiculous anti-french arguments, and not enough time traveling through France.

Of course, if you arrive somewhere with an arrogant attitude, like "I come from the best country of the world, with the best culture and the best food", don't expect people not to be rude.

The strange thing is, once or twice a year, such a book is published, and is so quickly forgotten.

Like Chateaubriand once said :

"Soyez économe de votre mépris, il y a tant de nécessiteux"

Roughly translated, it would be something like:

"Save your contempt, because there are so many needy people".

The authors of this book seem obviously to be in need of my contempt.

Thomas - September 7th 2006

This book is the kind that pushes buttons, that is, triggers emotional upset in certain readers. That is its aim. It is a 'shock book', similar to the tactics of shock jocks like Limbaugh and Stern, and shock journalists like Ann Couter, common, formulaic, and extremely BORING entertainment styles.

I admire the posts here that take that element in stride, and comment calmly about the book, especially the comments from the French posters (who should regard this book and the rabid comments of hatred and ignorance as a challenge to be more, well, FRENCH, plein de sang-froid).

I particularily enjoy the myopic slant of some posters who decry the 'blindness' of others who based on real experience have decided that French are part of humanity.

[Moderator's comment: Ma belle, I admire the posters who write an essay on a book they've clearly never read.]

Michelle - August 31st 2006

Hi, my name is Timothée, I'm 25 years old and I am french. Sorry…

I was wondering if this site was a serious one and if it is why are some Americans hate us so much?

Is it because a part of the French population despises Americans or just because it's hype?

I am well aware that we are far from being perfect but does that give you the right to judge us? Americans have done some mistakes too. You've trained and financed Bin Laden, decimated the Indians, used the nuclear bomb against civilians and voted for Bush…twice!

It's easy to blame others for their mistakes but it's more useful to learn from your own mistakes.

I know what you're thinking: "Another f****n' froggy who thinks he's better than us" or "Wow that's a deep thought".

Well I don't know if I am better than you, probably not. But at least I don't waste my time trashing other people's culture whithout really knowing it or at least understanding it.

Have a good day.

Timothée - August 30th 2006

Very funny site, at least you people might have learned many things trying to make people look down on France.

That was quite fun. I give you my regards from France.

Charles De clercq - August 28th 2006

I love ze way, ze Frainch peeple pretend to be Americain, and zen say 'ow France iz zo wondeirfool!! A bunch of neocolonialists who are so egotistical and patronizing (in a charming way, of course), that hicks from upstate Kalamazoo or Croydon on their first European visit immediately succumb to French culture, without having visited any place other than Anglophone countries…Idiots, explore the world before you plump for condescending Froggies who, it is true, don't believe in inferior 'races', just inferior cultures…

Enguerrand - August 22nd 2006

This kind of genre is more telling and informative about the authors then its subject matter. They dislike France, and wrote a book about that fact. That is the only fact, as everything else is subjective.

The French, English, and Americans (based on first-hand experience as I have lived in all three countries), are for the most part polite. However their respective politeness differs in style. I prefer the French style, gentle, wise with a tinge of realistic sadness, respective of your privacy, kind, expressive yet dignified, with a trace of earthy humor.

And though I prefer to live in France for the moment, I could change my mind in the future. I am open to change. And I also regard myself first as a human being that lives on the planet earth, and secondly as an American who happens to live in France. Hence, I find this genre of myopic criticism as useless and mostly BORING.

[Moderator's comment: So BORING that you've dedicated eight paragraphs of your life to it so far.]

Michelle - August 20th 2006

Writers and publishers do their thing to make money; readers read books to confirm their already existing opinions. Sometimes a new aspect can be gleaned by the occasional maverick writer/publisher efforts, but for the most part mainstream media is dying/morphing into something else, more fluid, individualistic, and niche oriented.

This genre of book, regardless of what country it would lambast, is one of the last gasps of this boring, dying media machine.

Michelle - August 20th 2006

I was so shocked to see Andrew's comment…I work in the US and I LIVE in France…

I have said this EXACT comment a million times!

I am American but I live in Paris at least two months every year and am truly dedicated to figuring out how I can live in France forever.

I feel like I am truly alive when I am there.

I think anyone who has had a bad experience in France must have gone there with an attitude and not embraced the culture…expecting the French to 'adapt to le American'…why in the world would they do that? Their language is beautiful and their lust for life is something to be envied my all Americans!!

Again…there is really no other way to say it other than…

"I Work in the US and I LIVE in France."…period.

[Moderator's comment: That's one hell of a commute.]

Juliette - August 18th 2006

I am French, and I don't understand why people don't like us, and make excuses. Did you know America lost a war once… actually you could say twice, They lost Vietnam… though I guess you weren't in the war, you were just fighting as the opposition (how does that make sense?).

But in 1812, America attempted to Capture Canada, and lost… horrible, then Canada burnt down the White House, and they painted it white to cover all the scorch marks left over, that is why its white! The biggest part of the Canadians that beat back the Americans were French. So the French might have done some stupid tactical warfare things, but they kicked America's ass.

Vive la France, Vive la Quebec!

Chef - August 14th 2006

Being the proud fundamentalist patriotic gas-guzzling money-hungry consumeristic monoglot American that I am I can't stand all those snobby individualistic, perfumed, art-loving phil-a-sophisers (sic) telling me how to run the world. Do they think they invented monolateral politics or what ?! I also can't stand the way they let the Nazis fly right over the Maginot line drop a few bombs around and take over…what a bunch of Iraqi sissies are they! And let's face it I'd rather eat my British cannibalistic, mad-cow burger over some force-fed goose liver with a lightly chilled Sauterne anyday!

On the other hand I think all that stolen art is better off in France; it helps me remember who the French ransacked and who the British ransacked and which left sloppy seconds for the Americans to pay to clean up.

Now get me another three pints of beer before the pub shuts so I can go and piss in the street while yelling at drunken tarts knowing my oil money is safely untaxed in an off-shore British bank instead of going to pay for public transport, or god-forbid, some Irish orphan's health care!

PS Just say NO to fox hunting; something's gotta eat the rubbish in London.

Frank O'Phile - August 7th 2006

You guys are obviously ignorant. If you stopped spending your time worrying about the French, you would have time to realize how messed up society is in America. I hope you use the profits from this book to help the United States Educational system. Maybe your children will be able to learn more than one language and they will be able to appreciate a rich and historic culture, something they would not have to chance to experience living in America.

I am sorry you feel this way, but I live in the US for work and I live in Paris, 5 minutes from the Louvre. Like the reader said above, I also expect to see many American tourists who don't agree with you…

I have an idea. Next time you go to France, or any country for that matter, why don't you try to adapt and be a part of the culture. Isn't that the reason people travel to foreign countries anyway?

I wouldn't expect someone to come to France to do all the things they do in America. Then, when you try to speak the language, you will see that the French appreciate and respect your efforts. Too many times I have seen rude and disrespectful Americans. Why do you think the French seem so "rude"?

Try leaving the US :)

[Moderator's comment: Try entering the US.]

Andrew - August 3rd 2006

I'm so shocking about what I read in this book…I'm so disappointed…Are you adults? Your behaviour sounds like a stupid kid.

Don't be afraid of French people, just try to live few days in the country (not only in a luxurious hotel).

You are so frightening, I couldn't believe there is some people in the world who could think like you…

I'm sorry for you.

I love France, I'm proud of that.

Julia - July 29th 2006

France has only three things going for it…and they are named Peugeot, Citroen, and Renault.

If Renault reformed its matters enough to purchase Japanese giant Nissan and PeugeotCitroen have become a bit stronger together they truly show the great transformation by French automakers…

Then it shows that for their efforts in the automotive sector the French are truly lacking in other areas. They have a long way to go as a people though.

[Moderator's comment: Fortunately they can drive there.]

Brian Mora - July 27th 2006

Out of the mouths of Brits and Americans… - Watch the video

JennyJ - July 25th 2006

Over-egged, over-simplified and outdated arguments, France has one of the richest cultures in the world, the food is way ahead of the US sorry to say (I am UK and have lived in France and the US), and there are rude people all over the world, it is not a trait of any one culture; I suspect the author has never lived in France therefore does not understand his subject matter properly, and the 'web research' is evident.

I have seen other books like this that are at least balanced somewhat (A Year in the Merde, for example) and at least acknowledge the positive aspects of the culture, from an author who actually lived, worked and immersed himself in French life for a year. Not so with the '50 Reasons' book. This effort is borderline racism and it's difficult to see what positive and good can come of it. Also, there is no '1000 year hatred' of the British. Wales, N Ireland and Scotland all have strong ties with France and this esprit de corps is evident at any sportting or cultural gathering. Clearly you don't know what being British is either.

I love France, I love the UK, and the US as well. I take the best from each culture and enjoy. What about a '50 reasons to visit France' follow up a balance ?

Finally, I will go to downtown Paris today and the place is just full of US tourists, so evidently your fellow citizens don't agree with you.

[Moderator's comment: Er, no, because '50 Reasons to Visit France' wouldn't be funny.]

Auld Alliance - July 23rd 2006

People who love the French are too busy having fun with them to waste their time on negative efforts like this one.

Before reading (and certainly before buying) this book think: Whom do I actually like?

(Start with yourself. Self-hating is a common cause of hating other people)

Then think about why you like them.

Then go have some fun.

If you're a woman reading this: put the money you would have spent on this book towards a ticket to Paris/moving towards permanent residence. You deserve it! Yes, it's all true.

[Moderator's comment: Before having fun think: What kind of fun do I like? Do I actually like fun? Why do I like fun? What does it mean to like? What does it mean to mean? Oh no, it's time for bed.]

Happy - July 21st 2006

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