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British are the most pityfull people in the world.

You can judge us for Napoleon but start to think about the dirty old mummy on the throne of England.

You have to choose a prime minister to do her work aww man please... You don't even know democracy !!!

You have no historical victories that don't remind the suffering of smallers and weakers.

Most part of the England King were French.

We have the greatest artists, painters, writers an musicians in Europe.

By the way you dare to pretend to be in Eropean Union but you do not take the Euro for money.

You are selfish, hipocrite, stuborn and way far too ridiculous even if you think peoples in other land respect you or envy you...

And to finish you off... You eat "Marmite" !!! That's just smelling like dog poop and tasting like the most horrible thing you can vomit.

The only one thing that is good from england is Shakespeare. There is nobody in France that will not say so... Shakespeare was a wonderfull genius.

But 1 genius in a thousand years of "existance" and all the other are dumbass... That is not a good ratio, isn't it ?

French Lord - April 26th 2012

Here's another link to an article and somewhat less decent debate in the Daily Mail re: the banning of this here very book.

Moderator - November 10th 2010

Just thought I'd post this link to a very decent article and debate in the Grauniad re: the French education system versus that 1 wot we ave ear in Blighty n that.


Moderator - September 14th 2010

Hi, I'm french, and i'd rather fight for America or England than for my country. i'm so sad of what I read on this site.

Evreything is not right for sure, but a lot of my best valuable friends think that FRANCE SUCKS. And it's easy to understand...

NAPOLEON fought against EUROPE: EUROPE hates us

PETAIN sold France to the Germans so that we'll be ashamed for centuries.

DE GAULLE opposed to AMERICA althought thousands of young american people died four our (I mean yours too) freedom. Why didn't we have a CHURCHILL?

GISCARD sold France to north africans, and today France becomes a really violent country because of their muslim fascism. 20 years more and France doesn't exist anymore.

MITTERAND was a communist and worked for VICHY (french collaboration administration) during the World War II

CHIRAC opposed to AMERICA probably thinking he would look like DE GAULLE.

SARKOZY may be the first president I'm not ashamed of, but he's just a little too "french" to be really good.

But let me end telling you that most of the french are not so bad, or rude, or dirty, and they probably like you ten times more than you like them.

gilles - May 13th 2009

You have to love this below

"A French doctor is urging his countrymen to give free rein to flatulence, sweating and other bodily taboos to reduce the risk of cancer.

In his book, Le Grand Ménage (Spring cleaning), Frédéric Saldmann invites them to embrace the stereotypical British view of the French and to have a relaxed attitude to bodily functions.

He calls for a "May '68" of the body – an emancipation for belching, breaking wind and sweating profusely. "Eliminating" the two litres of gas produced a day by the average Frenchman "is a natural process", he writes, adding that retaining it can be harmful to the intestines. The French, he adds, should "dare to fart".

Dr Saldmann also recommends cutting down on chewing gum, never eating while walking and reducing the intake of fizzy drinks.

Similarly, he says his countrymen should feel free to belch at will and certainly after each meal. This, he says, is the best way to reduce the risk of getting a hiatal hernia, an ailment which affects almost a third of French people. Keeping air in the stomach leads to more heartburn, which increases the risk of cancer of the oesophagus. The rise of this disease in France, he says, is due to "the burp that we no longer do".

Dr Saldmann also recommends throwing out anti-perspirants. "To block sweat not only stops the elimination of toxins," he writes, "but also a certain number of messages that are potentially very attractive to the opposite sex."

Moreover, he insists that the smell of male sweat, citing Italian research on the subject, reduces stress in women. ""



the doctor - May 2nd 2008

The question that rises after reading these full-of-hatred comments is: why are you spending your time on vomiting hatred on the french on your website?

The answer is obvious. Because you are a jerk, and you live in England. And a jerk who lives in a country with no food, ugly women, full of drunk bullies... this bored jerk has one thing to do: this website. It's actually funny and faithfully reflectful of the intellectual level of Today's England.

When you retire in a French village in 20 years, you will think about it.

Go to hell jealous f****r

Adrien, proud french living in New York.

Adrien - March 30th 2008

Two examples of quite astonishingly gratuitous rudeness:

1. On a working trip ti Paris with a BBC colleague, we were enjoying a pleasant dinner in a crowded left-bank restaurant, talking to each other in English, of course. A Parisian (dining with a much younger girl) at the next table suddenly turned to us and was gratuitously rude about British visitors to Paris. I don't remember the details, but did not rise to the insult. Soon after they departed, the girl returned, furious. She was the English au pair and he had been trying, regarding it as his inalienable right, to have it off with her. On this occasion, at least, he failed; quite the reverse in fact.

2. On a visit to a famous Institute in California, where I had been invited to make a TV documentary, I thought it might be interesting to include the work of a supposedly distinguished French visiting scientist. However, while what he was famous for sounded very impressive in French, it sounded to me somewhat less in translation. So I needed first to get over my suspicion that his reputation might be just a little inflated. But several messages courteously asking to talk to him about his work went unanswered. Finally, one of the resident Nobel Prizewinners took me to meet him and suggested that I might talk with him for a few minutes. The Frenchman did not look at me, but raised his nose, gazed into the distance and lazily murmered, 'A few minutes.... Would that be too little or too much?' My American friend was obviously embarassed. And I was left with only one reply, 'I think, Professeur, that it might perhaps be too much.'

Alec Nisbett - February 19th 2008

Glad to see the French are taking Sarkozy seriously and learning form the Brits.

Apparently binge drinking is on the up there in the teens.

So all they have to do is make sure ALL bars close at the same time in mid size towns, and they could look forward full on street fighting as well.

Lazarus - September 14th 2006

It seems that only paedophiles and the French are left to the British bigotry, stereotyping and prejudice.

[Moderator's comment: Are you suggesting we stop mocking paedophiles?]

Ronan - August 16th 2006

A couple of years ago, I was working in Paris and staying in an apartment in the 14th Arrondisement. The block of flats was oversen by one of those traditional, hatchet-faced old biddies, the 'concierge' who seemed to do nothing but follow my girlfriend up the stairs when she came to visit (was she frightened she'd nick the light bulbs?) and rap on my door two days before each public holiday in the hope of a tip (which, may god forgive me, I always paid).

One day, as I was pasing her 'box' she cheerily informed me that my car had been stolen. How did she know? Oh, she had seen two boys take it from the front of the building about an hour ago. Why hadn't she told me or tried to stop them? She didn't like to interfere. Why hadn't she at least called the police? Well, as a good Communist, she could not have dealings with the current authoritarian state - in the meantime, christmas was approaching and if m'sieu wished to show his appreciation perhaps…

I kid you not.

Love France Hate The French - July 23rd 2006

Where else, but in France…?

My parents once owned a beautiful olive press mill in the mountains of Corsica. One day, my mother returned from dropping my father off at the airport, to find that we had been visited by some burglars. Amongst the items missing were: the stereo; my mother's camera (nothing unusual so far); all of the booze (some lethal locally distilled Eau de Vie and various bottles of wine); a pot of basil and the garlic crusher!

After a little investigation and a recommendation that my mother must get a gun (the old boy who sat outside the village shop kindly offered to get one for her), the gendarmes went down into the valley to the wreck of a barn where a small group of gypsies resided. Sure enough, all of our missing items were to be found there, although the bottles were empty. They had even taken a few photos with the camera, so we could get a good picture of the fine wine and cuisine they enjoyed. And judging by the blurred image of a body collapsed on the ground - the Eau de Vie had taken its full effect.

Emma - July 17th 2006

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