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As a canadian living living in France, all I can say is that both France and the Us are countries with great histories, made up both of mistakes and successes. Trying to reduce either countries to simplistic stereotypes as in "Americans are fat imperialists" or "Frenchmen are devious cowards" is an aberration. Since 2003, the disagreement over Iraq seems to have unleashed an unending wave of francophobia in the US and anti-Americanism in France. In the end, both countries seem to forget that they owe much more to each-other than they have to blame each other for.

Tony - May 21st 2013

I think the French are awesome, if a bit snooty, However, they are very advanced society, so they can be snooty!

Emma - May 11th 2011

They eat snails. 'Nuff said.

Anonymous - April 25th 2011

I just stumbled onto this site, ye guys are funny really. seems to be some sort of Yankee doodle 's red neck blog, I'm certainly glad that some of you have now learn to read and write, I was quite worried for some time, after all the country who delivered the world from the evil German and the even more evil weapon of mass destruction Saddam deserve more than that (of course I'm been ironic)

Please continue you are on the right track.

while I certainly think that us French must earn some lesson of humility and that our centuries of glory have faded and are long gone, by reading some of those comment, I think we'll have a lot to do to arrive at your level (ironie again for those among you with reading disabilities).

Not so Kind regards

Gilles - May 26th 2010

They smoke cheese.

Ellie - August 27th 2009

I am not too fond of the Americans myself!

Lisa - August 3rd 2009

In the American war of Independene, where America gained independence from the British Empire, France joined the Americans so that they may finally win against Britain. After the war, and with the British driven away, France claimed victory over the British(one that it could never win by itself so it relied on the American colonists to do all the fighting for thme!). The point is that the only two Good French Military leaders were a schizophrenic woman who was killed and defeated at the end of her campaign and a short Corsican man who was also defeated and his empire destroyed. Thus leading to the conclusin that there has been no frenchman that has been a good miltary leader.

Neil Hardman - December 27th 2008

French blaming us for the attack on the twin towers. Ha the people from Iran or Iraq did that were working as terrorist, and there may be more of them there for revenge of the Iraqi war

[Moderator's comment: Er, I'm confused...]

Michael Billings - May 20th 2008

France has some of the best special forces and counter terrorists units of the world. We help american delta force in afghanistan to find bullshit talibans...

I remember WAKO, everybody died!!! you forgot what is humility or what?

Aldo Braquemarre - May 8th 2008

I guess you either don't know American history or care to acknowledge that if it was not for the 17 million dollars provided the Army under the command of a General George Washington and dispatching French's Lafayette to aid in our revolution against the empirical British- there would possibly be no United States of America, and we would all be speaking 'the King's English' instead of our own versions of same. God Bless America and Viva La France!

Kathleen Lynch - May 1st 2008

The Statue of Liberty

The statue is, as McClellan says, "no ordinary gift". Yet it is hardly equivalent to the $2.3 billion that the United States "loaned" France under the Marshall Plan at that time. A majority of that was used to purchase the statue for the US. So essetionally the US bought the Statue themselves

Brandon - April 17th 2008

The French Government announced after the London bombings that it has raised its terror alert level from RUN to HIDE. The only two higher levels in France are SURRENDER and COLLABORATE. The rise in the alert level was precipitated by a recent fire which destroyed France 's white flag factory, effectively disabling their Military

jean michelle - February 4th 2008

everybody needs to quit f****n with the french, if it wasnt for the french the United States would not even be a country, it would still just be a peice of land to the U.K.

bolton lawler - December 13th 2007

It is interesting how this sight fails to mention that France helped the US beat the British during the Revolutionary War.

Kevo - March 22nd 2007

I am still wondering why americans always blame French for their Irak mistake.

As you say, our army is just surrender monkeys ( like all French ), I do not know what kind of support we could be for you.

But what about these big mistakes, who do you blame ?

Support all countries if capitalist ( dictators included like Pinochet )

Involved in most of all coup d'etat worldwide as long as it serves your political or economical interest

Support taliban and Bin laden ( before 9/11)

Invade Irak for no reason when Iran is the biggest thread in middle east.

Support isreal unconditionally

Last but not least : Exterminate your native people (indians)

your history is very short but with plenty of mistakes, please blame yourself only for the past and future ones.

F**k American - January 1st 2007

Well, it's me again...

Seamus Ennis left a very nice message but maybe 'cause I am stupid (of course I am, I 'm french...). Right, let me answer... I guess if I go to Pearl Harbour, I won't see something celebrating the defeat! have you ever seen a country celebrating defeat? did you build something after the Vietnam? Please think before you write or think before you vote, that could help. Once again, let me remind you when Napoleon gave half the country...

Election's results in november for your Parliament were not a big surpise. Now we can hope better days for your troops in Iraq, for our troops in Afganistan.

This web site, actually, is very helpful to share different point of view between people.

One last thing, I've read someone saying that the French hate the American. Even if some people do today, they did not exist at the time of Clinton or Carter...

you see what a mean/ as says the movie, "good night, and good luck"

Emilien - December 14th 2006

On a bus tour through Paris with my mother we passed under the Arc de Triomphe. The guide was proudly pointing out the names of all the great victories. Mum (who was English) piped up, "Ooh, I don't see Waterloo up there".

The guide refused to say another word for the rest of the tour.

Seamus Ennis - November 10th 2006

Yes, I was wondering why and what certain or particular information do you have upon the beliefs regarding the 9/11 attacks and why it is that you are commenting on or saying that you believe it was the U.S or the Americans was behing all these attacks. When we had no reason being stating that its not like we knew it was oing to happen no one can predict that sort of matter. Please reply back

Sabrina Rodriguez - September 16th 2006

Yesterday evening (and for the 5th time), I've watch a report of 2 french brothers (Jules and Gédéon Naudet) making a video on the NY Firefighter during the 9/11. If you did not watch it yet, do it and now, you could change your mind.

Everyone in France has seen this, everyone has compassion with the Americans…but not with your government! We love the Americans, your history is close to our since 2 centuries (Lafayette, Napoléon who sold to you government at that time half of your country). A lot of people speak our language (sometimes better than us!), appreciate our lifestyle and come to France for their vacations.

The way your government exploited this situation (9/11, the THE HORRIFYING FRAUD!?) to corrupt you was not good. That's why we say "no" to help you to attack Iraq (don't forget our troops in Afghanistan) but we thought there were no nuclear weapons in Iraq and no common point with Al Qaida (and now everybody knows we were right!) so no reason to attack and to kill innocent people when Bin Laden is still free. The situation in Iraq is a nightmare for your troops, and what for? some oil?

At the end of the report, one of the Firefighter say to the one of the 2 french: "yesterday, you had 1 brother, now you have 50 brothers!".

I let you think of it…

Emilien - September 11th 2006

How do other nations identify French soldiers?

Sunburnt armpits…

Juan Juanson - August 17th 2006

Ce qui s'est passé le 11 septembre est horrible pour les Etats-Unis mais aussi pour le monde entier. Le peuple français a été très triste et très choqué de ce qui s'est passé. Certains français sont allés aider nos amis américains.

Je ne connaissais pas la légende dont vous parlez mais je crois qu'il ne faut pas écouter toutes les bétises qui sont racontées. Dans chaque pays il y a des gens très bien et d'autres qui le sont moins. Le but est d'être en paix entre hommes de bonne volonté. Le but sur la terre c'est l'amour entre les hommes, entre les peuples.

Murtagh - July 27th 2006

Invasion? Aggression? Atrocity?

Hmmm, who could this be? Must be the Yanks in Iraq. Actually, no; it's the French in the Ivory Coast RIGHT NOW.

Iraq and the Ivory Coast: "No Connection"

In September 2002, as the U.S. was contemplating sending troops into Iraq, the French were sending actual troops into the Ivory Coast, one of its former colonies. They were there to enforce a peace deal between rebel forces and those of France's client president (one in a long line of stooges propped up by Paris), Laurent Gbagbo, that had been brokered by the French Foreign Ministry.

But Gbagbo thought the French had given him a raw deal and, in resumed fighting, his forces killed nine French soldiers. The French then destroyed the tiny Ivorian air force on the ground in an air strike.

In the demonstrations that followed, 70 Ivorians were killed and over 1,000 injured by French troops firing on unarmed crowds. In a move which further infuriated the Ivorians, the French chief of the general staff dismissed claims of a "massacre", only admitting that his troops might have "wounded or killed a few people".

Disturbances against "foreign interference" became widespread amongst the indigenous population, directed against the large French expatriate community that runs France's oil interests in the country.

In 2004 - two years after their entrance to the country - the French were finally given an official U.N. mandate to be there. Additional UN troops were sent to help the increasingly-beleaguered 4,000 Foreign Legion forces restore order. Accusations of routine atrocities against the French army are now surfacing. Three army captains have already testified to military authorities that in one May 2005 incident a French colonel, Eric Burgaud, congratulated his men when they told him of the death of an Ivorian, suffocated to death with a plastic bag inside a French armoured vehicle. The officers also swore that when they reported the incident to Burgaud's commanding officer, General Poncet, he tried to buy their silence by promising them medals.

The occupation continues - and so does the resistance.

Alex - July 25th 2006

Interesting to see the French trying to take a lead in Lebanon, am i right in thinking that they left Syria such a bloody mess, that most of this Hizbollocks nonsense would not have happened if it weren't for them.

Likewise with their previous experience in Iraq, is it me or are they trying to subtley ingratiate with Iran 'cos there might be a few oil contracts out there.

SteveO - July 24th 2006

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