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You're full of shit my dear. I'm the first to be critical on my country. But this is ridiculous.

pierre lancelin - August 19th 2007

As an Englishman who lives in France (Montpellier) I am constantly impressed by the their health system. For myself (having torn my groin playing rugby) and for my baby (hip problem). Sure, one pays for it in taxes - and they can be a bit neurotic at times - but give me the French system any day over the shambolic, antiquated, dilapidated chaos that passes for the NHS. I would be scared to go into a British hospital these days - for fear that I would emerge again only in a body bag courtesy of MRSA

Gavin Mortimer - August 4th 2006

My poor nephew had the incredible misfortune of breaking his arm in France 2 years ago.

I must say the hospital was ok really, not much complaint there. It was all IV lines and tubes up the nose for the little lad.

Anyways… what would you feed a kid who hasn't eaten for 48 hours, when the doctors say he can go back to oral foods and fluids?

hmmm… let me think: "je connais… a plate of cold ox tongue"

Poor kid, his parents had to sneak in cake and crisps.

On the way out, he asked his mum…

"Mummy, if i just broke my arm, how come my bottom hurts so much…?"

You've guessed it…every painkiller, sedative and antibiotic had been shoved up his nether region.

Pierre-Yves' Casino - July 20th 2006

The French are obsessed with their health to the point of hypochondria. One observation I have made is that in any French town of any size you can ALWAYS see at least 3 pharmacies. The one you are standing outside off, one 100 metres to your right and one 100 metres to your left. They obviously hate to be too far from a ready supply of suppositories.

Andrew - July 18th 2006

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