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This article is wrong, the french are on of the kindess people,

Martin De Ruty - March 2nd 2010

Vos cris de haine pathétiques ne provoquent que mépris et dégoût.

Fort heureusement vos couinements porcins ne sont pas représentatifs de l’opinion générale.

Je vous ignore.

Avec toute ma commisération écœurée.


[Moderator's comment: I too find the best way to ignore a website is to post comments on it.]

Eric C - December 26th 2009

I somehow dont agree with a few things, but its great anyways.

Day Forex - December 20th 2009

The French shouldn't drive golf balls, let alone cars!

Charles Savage - September 1st 2009

Nothing is quite as vulgar and oppressive to the typical custom of being quiet in a museum as a French tourist! I say, imagine having a French tourist with his wife ridiculing and making fun of a nations history…how sarcastic isn’t it? If it wasn’t for Mr.Bonaparte, whose poodle aggression will be always a symbol of French rudeness, France would never ever be mentioned in any history books around the world – not even in China! And forget all of the food and countryside b.s - it's their last resort really...another thing, French people have no sense of humor at all – a frog might seem funnier at times.

France - a European Blackhole

Arthur Powney - August 7th 2009

Is hating France a job in your country ? I see you sell a book, so you really win money hating France. Wow, I didn't know France had such an influence that simply hating it makes you rich. Here in France when we hates England, we don't win money, we just have a free beer in an Irish pub...

froggy - April 27th 2009

I am French, I've been living in the French countryside for ages. Really, I'm elated at the way you rightly appreciate the magnificence, grandeur and equanimity of the French. thank you so much !

billaud - January 7th 2009

quoi ? la guerre!!!

NAPOLEON - August 23rd 2008

The French cannot accept that they were never the most powerful empire in the world, I spoke to a French person the other day and she was absolutely adamant that France was the worlds dominant superpower before America, I tried telling her that the British controlled India, Australasia and most of Africa while the French were stuck with Vietnam, a small part of Northern Africa and a tiny insignificant portion of South America.

Ted Barlow - March 23rd 2008

I went to France... the people there are real assholes everyones really mean. plus they smell and overprice drinks. a shot of coca cola is like 5 euro. its ridiculous. long live usa

Monica - August 7th 2007

It's not our fault if nobody likes the rednecks piece of trash or those rotten teeth islander monkeys (brit). Myself,i hate americans and english so f**k usa&UK.

Oh and we have best food,best culture,best author,best health care,best technologies in europe etc... don't envy us!

[Moderator's comment: And hopefully the best therapists.]

anti-américain-anglais-à-vie - June 29th 2007

My 1st experience of the French people was aboard a flight from London to Australia.

We were all seated and ready to depart when the last passenger, who just happened to be French, made his way to his seat.

In my eyes it was rude enough that he was delaying the flight by over 20 minutes, but he was talking on his mobile phone. He continued to speak loudly on his phone even when the flight attendant came over. When asked to switch off his mobile, he made it quite obvious that his call was his greatest concern at that moment - perhaps even more important than the flight departing and our safety?!

Ron - September 7th 2006

hello i'm french i don't agree with you!!! you don't know frenchies and you judge them!! la cuisine française est la meilleure au monde! sorry but i've been in nyc i love this city but i don't like their food!! ce n'est pas les hamburgers ki sont chers mais le pourboire qui va avec surtout pour leur gout fade et pour leur prix a vous écoeurer dès la première bouchée! goutez la vraie cuisine francaise! vous m'en direz des nouvelles! quant aux cuisses de grenouilles je n'en ai jamais mangé et je n'ai jamais cotoyé un seul francais aimant ca et en raffolant je n'aime pas du tout la fausse image que vous vous faites des francais de notre pays et surtout de notre fabuleuse cuisine car vous n'y connaissez rien du tout! vous avez passé 1 semaine en france et ca y est soit disant vous connaissez tout en plus vous n'etes allé qu'à paris ce n'est pas la que se trouve la meilleure cuisine francaise mais en province! YOU DON'T KNOW US, DON'T JUDGE US

clio - August 25th 2006

It's disappointing that someone of Dr Jules's talent is wasting his time on this spiteful rubbish. The remainder shops are full of books like this for good reason and I fear this one is headed that way. Think of your fartiest, most Jeremy Clarkson-like uncle and buy him this for Christmas - it should be about 99p by then.

There's plenty to critisise about France but you need a little more insight to make it interesting or enjoyable. A similar book written about the failings of the Americans or British would be too heavy to carry home on your own and it would still be inaccurate. French people smell. Duh! what next? Italians are excitable. The sordid world of Mitterand, eh? When you think of Clinton and his cigar and old Major getting it on with Edwina, not to mention that she-male who took Prescot's fancy. Now that's what I call sordid.

Nicolas - August 17th 2006

I've been living abroad for a few years, and I must admit that, even though I'm French some of these aspects are true. However, to me, they are overshadowed by the good aspects: good food, wonderful country, a direct entrance to the chicks' beds abroad…I can understand that some people might be jealous! Call it condescension or the way we want, I don't care!

Vive_la_France - August 11th 2006

You gotta see this,

big yellow 2CV like on your home page…

Shakka - August 1st 2006

Musée du Quai Branly…

Long the pet project of Jacques Chirac, it was supposed, in the president's own words, to "put an end to the disregard of civilisations too long ignored or misunderstood… to look upon the Other with greater knowledge, respect and openness of mind".

So how then have these artefacts from civilisations continents and millennia apart bought, stolen or borrowed through 400 years of French colonial adventuring come to be displayed with minimal explanation in a dark, confused jungle echoing with the sound of distant tribal drums like the worst malarial European nightmare of the dark continent?

Jock Chirac - July 25th 2006

I speak French and have visited over 20 of the most beautiful tiny towns, especially in south western France. Most beautiful country, literature, music and art and food/wine!

Sorry, can't agree with your views, France is beautiful, and people well educated, health care makes ours seem antiquated

Above all women very sexy, and, most of the time, pretty horny!

John Quinn - July 24th 2006

Ridiculous. The guy who wrote has really no brain or is so closed minded. Where the hell did he figured out that French people love marquis de sade??? I'm French, and I tell you what, if you want to have a real idea of what France is, stop hearing at such people (zero intelligence. pure racism toward French and no opening of the mind) and come to France. You'll always be welcomed.

And bye the way: "La marseillaise" ain't a menace or a threat to nobody. If you could think by yourself and stop writing bullshits, you'd know that this song was sang by the people during the revolution in 1789, against the oppression of the government…

The 2CV is of course unsafe…it is a 50 years old car. So are the British 50 years old cars man…

I can do the same with each sentence you'll give.

[Moderator's comment: OK, try this sentence: You are taking a humour book too seriously.]

William - July 21st 2006

France is the home of fashion and style. Its people are sophisticated, so why are they viewed as bad?

Can we stop patronizing them even if they are bad?

Modupe Aluko - July 21st 2006

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