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I disagree, Italian food is the best on earth,everyone agree for a pizza !!!!

Minty - August 27th 2013

Just got back from France last visit was 20 years ago didn't learn my lesson last time, French cuisine is so bad it even makes macdonalds taste good!

Si - August 11th 2013

I had to spent 9 hours in the international airport in Paris. There was only 1 brand of fastfood restaurant choice, and it is horrible. Cold hard food with absurd price.

Well, if you said that you need to visit only fancy restaurants to judge french food, then it´s like saying that you can only chat with the Nobel prize winners to judge the intelligence of ppl in USA.

And the shop keepers in the Paris airport always talk to you in French first, and then look at you like you are stupid. Well, here is what i should do: answer in Chinese and then add in English:"oh you are so proud I thought you know all languages."

xinxin - June 20th 2013

The French kidnapped the Italian chefs. THe Italian chefs created French cooking as revenge. The french borrow things like the Mona Lisa, and the name France. My biggest pet peeve is the French are not FRANKS. The Franks were Germans. Most of the ancestors of the Franks live in Germany and Austria. I think the name of the country should be changed.

ann - November 15th 2010

Forget the bland simple food of the French and the heavy primitive British grub - the Indians and Thai have created the greatest food on earth - the complexity of flavors and scent make these exceptional among all.

Mike - August 6th 2010

The French food in New Caledonia is to die for, but hideously expensive. That aside, I can truthfully say that the 2 worst meals of my life were cooked by French housewives. Had they blindfolded me and asked me to guess what I was eating, I wouldn't have known. Greasy, over-salted, and ugly to behold.

I ate at La Bouffe in Melbourne once, and the food was OK, but the waiter's rudeness was simply breath-taking. I left him a button for a tip.

Fran - May 7th 2009

French food has no fu....g taste at all, all blend of copy food, I have lived and eaten in a normal french house, all they do is based either on italian food or rusty taste stuff, french cuisine itself sucks, just like the french.

French enculeur - May 3rd 2009

Lifted from The Guardian website this week:

Around 3,000 traditional French restaurants, cafes and bars went bust in the first three months of 2008 and unions predict a further rush of closures as people worry about making ends meet. The number of French restaurants going bankrupt rose by 25% from last year, and cafes forced to close were up by 56%.

Le Figaro's renowned restaurant critic François Simon said yesterday that French consumers' frugality had changed national eating habits and forced restaurant owners to the brink. Diners were now skipping the traditional aperitif, avoiding starters, drinking tap water, passing on wine and coffee and - at most - sharing a pudding.

The time French people spend on eating meals in restaurants has already gone down: in 1975, a lunch out would take an average of one a half hours. By 2005, it had fallen to 32 minutes.

And some comments, equally lifted from The Guardian website:

With regard to the lack of wine sales - perhaps, like in the UK, its no longer considered acceptable to pole up to your afternoon shift drunk? [Posted by: Shrike]

I 've just got back from France and I'm not suprised. A round of three pints was around the 15 Euro mark and the one time I did try to eat out I paid about 10 Euro for the worst ham and cheese 'toastie' I have ever eaten and a glass of coke. The staff seemed to struggle to hide their moods as well which didn't help... [Posted by: blub]

The wonder is not that so many French businesses have gone bust but that so many remain open. A French shop or restaurant is somewhere where the staff can socialise. Being pleasant or helpful to customers come way down the list. When Napoleon said the English were a nation of shopkeepers he was saying what he liked about them. [Posted by: Lepetomane]

Moderator - September 24th 2008

I have the misfortune to live in France and regularly eat in local restaurants. I want to dispel the myth that the French are great cooks. Of course if one were to dine in a fine restaurant in Paris, Bordeaux etc one could expect excellent food, just as one might expect to find in London, Manchester and so on.

The fact is that in the 1950s the average Brit could not cook anything more exciting than a steak and kidney pie whilst the French housewife could work wonders with a bag of snails and a tortured goose.

That I guess was around the time when we were familiar with the expression ‘Japanese Junk’... when if you bought any electrical item from Japan you could pretty much depend on it breaking down in the first week.

Things have changed though... The Japanese produce very high quality electronics now and the world recognise this.

Why is it then that the French are still able to live on the reputation for food which they may have deserved in the 1950s but certainly do not deserve now?

I know many French people who claim with considerable authority, that the brits cannot cook. The fact is most UK housewives can produce British, Italian and other foods whilst the French will steadfastly refuse to cook anything but Duck and Veal!

Things have changed... The French live on their reputation and the Brits have moved on... Any half descent pub in the UK will serve a variety of cuisine including French, Mexican, Italian, Indian, Chinese and so on....

World wake up to the myth... The French do not all cook well, indeed many do not cook.. Check out the supermarkets and the volume of readymade crap they sell...

Also.. On the sex thing... Why do all French men over 55 seem to think it is OK to chase young women? What is it with these people... do they think they live in a 1950s black and white film? This is not sexy this is vile...

Kevin Davies - April 8th 2008

If i had the choice between eat the best english food and the worst hospital's food,i would simply take hospital food Lol

[Moderator's comment: One assumes your institute is cooking for you right now.]

i-hate-english-yankees - June 29th 2007

It's a bit of a joke in itself to have English people criticising food. If I see a sign "English cuisine", I cross the street. This does not happen very often, though. Probably because it's not something anyone wants to advertise.

A piece of news I read today: the Brits are world record holders in eating crisps (potato chips), and an average child consumes 5 liters of oil per year by eating crisps.


[Moderator's comment: What flavour crisps?]

Henri Passerieux - October 1st 2006

French foods are the bests in the word, your website is realy stupid !!!

I don't know who is hidden behind this website but clearly english or americain people…And after that, you still wonder why nobody love you… really funny !

bests regards and "vive la France" !

A swedish guy.

couet - September 3rd 2006

French food certainly is the pits, especially the overpriced swill served up in the Alps, unless of course you like grilled cheese baguettes, AND what the hell is the story with Raclette!

Johnson De La Cruz - August 17th 2006

I am a chef of fine French cuisine, I do not live in France, however I have visited, and I am shocked that you guys can be insulting French food.

As for the fast food… WHO GOES TO FRANCE AND BUYS FAST FOOD! a moron, thats who… and in France they serve small portions, because they believe in quality NOT quantity… unlike in America, where you pay $5 for a gross All you can eat.

Chef - August 14th 2006

Am I the only one to think eating out in France is a bad joke? I have lost count of the number of disappointing/revolting meals where there has been zero attention to detail and the obsession with eating raw meat is frankly bizarre. I can see that there are some textural benefits but what about the taste…?!

London/Italy is the only place worth eating in. Actually after a recent trip to Italy, make that London.

Jonathan Meades, you are a boring tosser/twat…

Jon Haskins - August 9th 2006

Michelin 5*

A joke I think, my last visit to one of these restaurants put me into a local hospital.

Shigella dysentery, the diagnosis…

300 euros well spent.


Keith - July 30th 2006

Back in the early 1970's we (my husband and 3 children) were driving down to the south of France in our Renault 4. Despite the fact that we had little money at the time, we decided to stop for a treat at a smart French restaurant.

A simple meal of steak and frites was ordered all round. A short while later a small plate arrived and was put in front of my eldest daughter, who was 9 years old, who rapidly scoffed the lot.

After 10 minutes or so we asked the waiter where the other orders were - he told us that the plate he had brought earlier was meant for all of us. We had no money to get more - so the rest of the family was fed on the basket of bread.

I guess that was the beginning of nouvelle cuisine.

Amanda - July 21st 2006

Why Snails? Small ones from Portugal are more tasty.

I found frog legs, very bland, like chicken… What is the best flavouring to enhance taste?

Dijohnn - July 20th 2006

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