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This is a question for the webmaster/admin here at www.50reasonstohatethefrench.com.

May I use part of the information from your blog post right above if I provide a link back to your website?



[Moderator's response: Of course you can. Probably it's for some sort of esoteric academic journal or an international peace-keeping operation.]

bidou.ca - November 11th 2010

Just found this forum via google. Glad to fasten you. I came here to learn your language . thanks all.

enginmera - September 29th 2010

french are stinky

jews are greedy

mexicans are lazy

thank god am an american

(you loosers have way too much free time)

[Moderator's comment: The authors apologise unreservedly for distracting you from your important work of filling up the interweb with illiterate, racist comments.]

Josh Baldwin - September 19th 2009

i hate gerard depardeiu

julia and anna - October 28th 2008

Critically Acclaimed French Films

Beau Pere (Bertrand Blier): A touching film... a man loses his wife in a car accident then has a steamy affair with his fourteen year-old stepdaughter.

Delicatessen (Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro): A landlord in the post-apocalyptic future feeds tenants the corpses of apartment superintendents he killed - such a mockery of French cuisine.

Le Souffle au Coeur (Louis Malle): Another touching film... a troubled young boy has a heated love affair with his mother.

Ma Vie en Rose (Alain Berliner): A man wishes to be a little girl so he undergoes a sex change only to be shunned by friends and family.

Monsieur Hire (Patrice Leconte): A lonely middle-aged pervert watches a young girl undress and/or get it on every night. She takes advantage of the situation and frames him for a murder her boyfriend committed.

They're gonna save the world!

mark Johnson - May 31st 2008

ROland Magdane was elected the best USA humour artist from abroad.

ROland Magdane is french

Marcel Braddock - May 8th 2008

EuroDisney latest++++++++++++

French Ban Fireworks at Euro Disney

The French Government announced today that it is imposing a ban on the use of fireworks at Euro Disney. The decision comes the day after a nightly fireworks display at the park, located just 30 miles outside of Paris, caused the soldiers at a nearby French Army garrison to surrender to a group of Czech tourists

wdisney - February 4th 2008

Jonny Halliday on vocals.

JM Jarre on keys.

Hygiaphone flying the tour helicopter.

I say no more

klose - September 14th 2006

Ever seen what has to be the ultrapits of TV:


Imagine Timmy Mallett on acid, with overtones of certain Belgians under arrest, meets Dusty Bin, written by Benny Hill, and directed by an adolescent boy with spots…who also did the website.

Strewth, and thats from a country that gave us Tintin, or was that Belgium.


Jonny Foreigner - July 20th 2006

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